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    By the way, did you know?

    In the summer of 1826, Abraham went down to the Ohio River at a point where Anderson Creek emptied into the mighty river. He would often be in the area during the summer months. Opportunities for gainful employment was the business at hand but Abe was always amazed at the volume of river traffic. He observed vessels of all types and sizes, strings of flatboats, houseboats, ark like vessels, small craft, and large and small steamboats. He came up with the idea of a small startup business. Abraham from the age of 6 years had been using an ax to clear land, split rails and chop cord wood. For over a…

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    By the way, did you know?

    By Jim Farris In this new monthly blog post produced by the Friends of Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park and Memorial to share little or unknown facts about Abraham Lincoln, his family and his activities while living in Macon County in Illinois.  These short facts will be sent out the first day of each month. In 1915, fifty years after President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, the Illinois General Assembly authorized the State Historical Library to mark the route traveled by the Thomas Lincoln Family from their homestead in Indiana to the place where they would settle in Illinois. It would be another 50 years before the trail opened in 1963. Thousands of markers…

  • Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park and Memorial Prairie Maintenance


    July 30, 2021 from  8:30-11:00 AM, volunteers are needed to spend some time in the prairie area.  We need to weed woody plants, thistle and other plants before they form seeds that are not native to the Illinois prairie.  We would appreciate any time you can give us at Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park and Memorial. Thank you for your consideration, Friends of Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park and Memorial

  • Things with Wings Mini-BioBlitz

    The first mini-BioBlitz of the season will be held Saturday, May 8, 2021, at 1:00 PM in Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park and Memorial.   ‘Bio’ means ‘life’ and ‘Blitz’ means ‘to do something quickly and intensively’. Together they make ‘BioBlitz’, a collaborative search to discover as many species as possible, within a set location. The park offers an outdoor learning space that is perfect for this fun activity and families and all ages can become scientists as they study the biodiversity at the site of Abraham Lincoln’s first home in Illinois. We hope you can join us as we survey all “Things with Wings” and take part in the Illinois State Bird Count…

  • Restoration Work Day–Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park

    We are excited to officially begin our season at the park and there are many jobs that need to be accomplished to make this beautiful area a welcome place to enjoy. We appreciate any amount of help and time you can give. Please wear gloves and bring a mask. Come enjoy the signs of spring, observe the changes in the park that have been made, and meet new friends. .